Sunday, February 15, 2009

Environmental Abatement Council of Ontario and Ontario Association of Demolition Contractors


As a corporate member, I can only recommend that any demolition contractor, environmental contractor or environmental consultant and/or engineer, performing environmental consulting or remediation, abatement and / or demolition in the Province of Ontario be members of EACO and the OADC.

EACO is the industry.

A message from EACO's website:

Since the inception of this organization over 15 years ago, EACO has strived to make the hazardous materials abatement industry a safer and better industry to work in. Our partnerships with the Toronto Construction Association and the Ontario Ministry of Labour have enabled EACO to be at the forefront of this exciting and rapidly changing industry.

Over the past several years, EACO has been involved with a number of industry changing initiatives including:

Our report on respiratory protection for abatement workers led to an almost immediate increase in safety to the workers in the field, with the Ministry of Labour issuance of a respiratory advisory and ultimately to new asbestos legislation in the Province of Ontario;

Our Mould Abatement Guideline which was developed in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Labour as a "code of practice" and now provides the much needed "teeth" for the Ministry to act upon situations where mould is encountered in a workplace; and

Most recently and in less than a year, EACO's administration of over 85% of the asbestos abatement worker and supervisor testing in the province, has enabled our member companies to comply with the new training requirements for asbestos workers and supervisors.

We hope you will consider joining EACO, as we have been members for for approximately 15 years and found it a great source of industry information.

The Ontario Association of Demolition Contractors also is a great organization, we encourage all in our industry to join these two exceptional organizations.
Don Bremner is the President of Restoration Environmental Contractors and REC Demolition.

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