Sunday, February 15, 2009

REC SOIL REMEDIATION Restoration Environmental

REC Soil Remediation REC Demolition - Restoration Environmental Contractors
Toronto, ON - Restoration Environmental Contractors REC Demolition REC Asbestos Removal;, experts in asbestos removal, demolition, disaster recovery, plant closures and industrial site remediation, REC senior project management and site supervisory team has accumulated more than one million hours of on-site environmental remediation contracting experience.and completed over 9,000 projects. REC services include:

  1. Environmental Abatement and Soil Remediation Contractors
  2. Demolition; Deconstruction, Asset Recovery, Equipment Dismantling
  3. Hazardous Materials Removal; Asbestos, Mould, PCBs, Lead Abatement
  4. Fire Flood Water Damage Restoration ** Disaster Emergency Response
905-888-0066 or 416-543-4719 and and

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