Sunday, February 15, 2009

Federal Governments' Recovery and Reinvestment Plan for Infrastructure Projects, the Environmental Remediation and Demolition Industry ready to act!

Environmental Remediation and Demolition Industry: News Release

"We support the Canadian Federal Governments' new Recovery and Reinvestment Plan to create immediate construction jobs in Canada. As part of the plan, to upgrade and restore government buildings and facilities as part of the infrastructure program." "Our industry has highly trained (unionized) labour, is ready to support and act on all infrastructure restoration projects" states REC President; Don Bremner, of Restoration Environmental Contractors REC Demolition REC Disaster. "The environmental remediation and demolition industry may be the first in on some projects, as it will be necessary to complete the environmental remediation of hazardous materials in older government buildings and facilities, (eg; Asbestos, PCB's, Lead Paint, Mould) prior to starting demolition and prioring to starting any building upgrades, renovation or restoration work beginning."

Restoration Environmental Contractors REC Demolition are Members of Ontario Demolition Contractors Association, Environmental Abatement Council of Ontario, National Demolition Contractors Association, Toronto Construction Association.

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