Sunday, February 15, 2009

Restoration Environmental REC Disaster; pre-qualified for high level secure Federal Government(PWGSC) and Ontario Government Ontario Realty facilities

Restoration Environmental Contractors REC Disaster Emergency Response Contractors are pre-qualified as "Emergency Response Contractors" for very secure Ontario Government, Ontario Realty and Canadian Federal Government facilities.

REC has a highly trained staff (of CPIC Police checked, Level 3), unionized staff, that can provide the necessary emergency services to respond to emergencies such as floods, leaks or water damage, fire damage, asbestos, environmental issues, mould remediation, demolition and provide on-site project management to work with your property managers, 24 hours a day emergency response service.

Over 9,000 projects, over 20 years experience, over one million hours of on-site project management - REC is the Right Choice for highly sensitive secure private corporate or government facilitites. Over 100 experienced highly trained professionals for your facility ready to respond.

Toronto, Ontario - Restoration Environmental Contractors REC Demolition REC Disaster Emergency Response ;, experts in asbestos removal, demolition, disaster recovery, plant closures and industrial site remediation.

REC senior project management and site supervisory team has accumulated more than one million hours of on-site environmental remediation contracting experience.and completed over 9,000 projects. REC services include:
  1. Environmental Abatement and Soil Remediation Contractors
  2. Demolition; Deconstruction, Asset Recovery, Equipment Dismantling
  3. Hazardous Materials Removal; Asbestos, Mould, PCBs, Lead Abatement
  4. Fire Flood Water Damage Restoration **
  5. Disaster Emergency Response THE RIGHT CHOICE!

Call Today: 905-888-0066 or 416-543-4719 or 1-800-894-4924 24 Hour Emergency Response and and and

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